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Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week featured the Top local fashion designers

 The much awaited Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week (KLFW) after being delayed last year due to Pandemic, begins at Pavilion Kuala Lumpur.

The prestigious event celebrating KLFW's 10th anniversary will be held until this Sunday featuring ready to wear (RTW) fashion designs from 40 great local designers.
The opening event of KFLW started with 'The KL 10 Designer Search' and 'The Perfect 10 Model Search' followed by a special performance by the Malaysian Fashion Designers Association (MODA).
The first event of KFLW 2022 kicked off with a performance by designers Bent, Zuusaha, Taguwaruwa, Khatreena, Innai Red and Farah Khan The Melium Group.
Tomorrow the event will start with performances by fashion designers Andy Bandy, Raw Denim, Dissyco, Maglifestyle, Matin Shaker, Arunsayfull, Romyda_KL, Kit Woo, Atelier Fitton, Phyn Studio, Ezuwan Ismail, Variente, Afiq M, Nelissa Hilman and Fizowoo.
Friday's event will kick off with a fashion show by Private Stitch, Dickson M, Eversince, Zero To Ten, Glancez, Bev C, Totomi, Ivoncraft X, Syomirizwa, Gupta and Rizman Ruzaini.
The fashion collection show on Saturday started with a fashion show by Nerd Unit X, WTP, Villiam Ooi, Hatta Dolmat, Maarimaia, Jimmy Lim, Cassey Gan, Laguna, Sydney and Alia Bastaman.
The last day of the event started with a fashion show by Super Sunday, Behati, Mimpikita and Nurita Harith.
Last year, fashion lovers only had the opportunity to see the fashion collection online due to the presence on the catwalk only involving a limited group.
The event has been organized since 2013, becoming the best platform for local fashion activists to highlight their respective designs and through it also many young talents succeed in breaking into fashion at an international level.
Each one highlights its own identity whether through RTW, avant-garde, couture or athleisure collections, appearing confident to show off.
Earlier, KLFW Founder, Andrew Tan, said this year's KLFW featured the #iAmMalaysian campaign by the banking institution, AmBank, the search for fashion designers and models by Samsung, which will in turn be presented in 'The KL 10 Designer Search' in collaboration with fashion brand Mimpikita.
He said, his party set three parameters which are creating extraordinary interest in local fashion, increasing RTW awareness is an addition to the designer's 'Made-to-Measure' Business Model.
"Next, with KLFW's network and partnership, we hope it will maintain the viability and sustainability of fans of the fashion industry.
"I am proud that we have achieved all three parameters and are now celebrating our 10th anniversary and realizing the dream of an amazing fashion event," he said.
Also held during KLFW is a 'Doodle' contest by Vespa Malaysia which will further enliven the event, alongside Poh Kong who collaborates with Jimmy Liml; Super Sunday and Moccona Coffee partnered with Khatreena and AirAsia Academy joint venture.
KLFW this time will be sponsored by Pavilion KL, AmBank, Samsung, Vespa, Isuzu, Poh Kong, Moccona Coffee and TIMEdotCom.
It will also be supported by AirAsia, Brandavision, Shu Uemura, Oribe/Miko, Nobel and others.

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