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Kiton hosted the Exquisite Palm Beach Fashion Show

 On December 16, Kiton hosted the Exquisite Palm Beach Fashion Show, which was held at 340 Royal Poinciana Way, Suite M307, Palm Beach, FL 33480.  

So, what's special about Kiton? It's a family business where every single piece of clothing is made to measure by their own tailors. The story of Kiton ultimately begins with the flawless quality of the fabrics and the finest tailors in the world who hand-stitch each garment. The fabrics used in the production of each piece is made by Kiton exclusively, offering a unique approach and quality that isn't found elsewhere in the world. Back in 1956, Ciro Paone founded CIPA with a handful of master tailors, seeing a gap in the market for   Neapolitan cut clothing. His enterprise grew and in the early 1970's, he changed the company's name to Kiton, which derives from the Greek ‘chiton', a garment worn by political leaders of that ancient civilization. 
The luxury designer is most noteworthy for its craftsmanship and exclusivity in using Vicuña fabrics. Vicuña comes from the small species of camelids found in the Andean Mountains of South America. It is s one of the rarest materials in the world, providing the body with warmth while still remaining light and incredibly soft to the touch. Each piece is overseen by 100 artisan tailors who use elaborate techniques to provide a one-of-a-kind, handmade masterpiece that is made to the client's unique preferences. 
The Exquisite Palm Beach Fashion Show was a project that was long in the making, as its orchestration was flawless. It showcased stunning pieces of the Winter 2023 and Spring 2023 collections for both men's and women's lines. The show consisted of ten models featuring these collections on the runway. It was also accompanied by a top DJ's performance, who enhanced the presentation with lively, musical entertainment. This event was a celebration complete with fine food and drinks catered by Sant Ambroeus. 
Kiton's unique and elegant garments draw the attention and adoration of many local celebrities. A number of VIPs graced the Exquisite Palm Beach Fashion Show including Susan Magrino, Antonio Paone (President of Kiton US), Carson Griffith, Nick Mele etc. 
This show truly celebrated yet another successful launch of the upcoming winter and spring collections, featuring the most luxurious Vicuña fabrics. A portion of its proceeds went to benefit American Heart Association charity, and the press was on hand to document the show and interview the brand's representatives. Overall, The Exquisite Palm Beach Fashion show was a blissful success and a high tribute to Kiton's fine works. Pleasure can spark when properly summoned. Kiton quality does that. It summons pleasure. There's really something quite spiritual about it.
Location: 340 Royal Poinciana Way Suite M307, Palm Beach, FL 33480 
Kiton Palm Beach    561-612-5403

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