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Types of men's suits - Why should men wear a suit?

When it comes to suits for men, there are endless styles, designs and types to choose from. The concept of "one size fits all" simply does not apply and never will. After all, not only do bodies and personalities differ from one man to another, but you will also change physically and mentally throughout your life. Not to mention the fact that different occasions require different suits and suit trends will change over time. 

That's why Brandmarkt in St. Gallen offers a wide selection of men's suits to fit every style and personality. The types, styles and details of men's suits are described below:

1. Slim fit suit

This type of suit for men offers a stylish, figure-hugging suit that is slim-fit in the chest and waist area, but does not restrict blood circulation. Even though slim-fit suits and an athletic physique seem like a natural combination, many different types of men can wear the slim-fit look.

This is because while slim-fit suits follow the natural contours of the body, they usually don't emphasize the concept too much. Suit jackets usually offer just enough slimming down without showing too much of what lies underneath. 

A day at the track, for example, would suit this suit better than a boardroom, as it is typically more of a casual fashion style.

You can buy this stylish men's suit at our store in St. Gallen, Brandmarkt. We offer high quality products at affordable prices.

2. Suit with classic fit

A suit with classic fit is a good choice for those who don't want to think too much. This style of suit offers breathability without being too loose or clumsy - it's called "classic" for a reason. Classic suits are timeless. So, pick up a Classic fit men's suit on a budget from Brandmarkt now.

3. A modern cut suit

Consider a modern cut suit if you want to show a more sophisticated style but don't think you can wear a slim fit suit. 

This type of suit for men falls somewhere between slim fit and classic fit. The result is a close-fitting look with a lot of wiggle room. If you choose the right material and accessories, you can wear this suit to almost any occasion. 

Modern suits are suitable for any occasion, from casual to formal. That is why the suit is a very special item from Brandmarkt. 

So, these are some well-known types and styles of men's suits. Now we come to the question of why men should wear a suit?

Suits are no longer just worn for special occasions; many men now wear them to work, on dates, and even when traveling. Suits are sophisticated, elegant and fashionable additions to any man's wardrobe. If you are hesitant to wear a suit in public, consider these reasons why you should.

Creates confidence

Every man feels more confident when he wears a suit. You look and feel fantastic in a suit. You feel more comfortable and confident, which increases your chances of success in everything you do. 

Classic look

A tailored suit will never go out of style, even with changing fashion trends. This is one of the main reasons why you should wear a suit. Quality suits will last for many years if you get them from an authentic place. With a classic suit, you will never have to worry about trends again. So get it now at Brandmarkt. Your closet will thank you for this purchase. 

Get respect

Every man wants respect, and donning a suit is one way to get it. It simply proves that you invest time and effort into your appearance while respecting those around you and certain situations. 

For example, you should wear a suit to a business meeting to avoid looking unprofessionally dressed. Even for a simple coffee meeting, a suit is a good choice that always evokes respect.

These are the main reasons why you should wear a men's suit. At Brandmarkt, there is a wide selection to choose from. You can explore your preferences within your budget. 

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