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Ukrainian Model singer, songwriter SHADU talks about war in Ukraine and impact on Fashion Industry

SHADU: "In fact, the values of Ukrainians and their attitude towards everything have changed fundamentally!"

In an exclusive interview, the Ukrainian singer, songwriter SHADU talks about how her life changed after the start of the war in Ukraine.
I have always been a huge fan of fashion, style and shopping! Not a professional stylist, just a girl who enjoys clothes. That's why filming fashion is a perfect blogging option for me. Even though it takes a lot of time, I enjoy doing it, cause I clearly see why I'm doing it!

Shooting one video can take you some 1-6 hours. Since I like to film in the street on different beautiful locations of Kyiv, it takes me a lot of time to move around the city and change clothes. It is hard doing it when the temperature is 35˚C high or when it's frosty. When it's too hot, a minute in the frame  - and your suit gets soaking wet! When it's too cold, one take makes your legs get dumb… And there may be up to twenty takes! When we shoot in the studio, I zip it through in 2 hours.
DFM: What topics do you mostly cover and what do people respond to the best?
SHADU: One of the main themes that I try to convey to my readers is that any girl can look AWESOME! Tall, short, thin, curvy? Doesn't matter! I have said before, and will say again: I am happy I can inspire thousands of girls who get disappointed with their looks because they are far from model-type! Also, I really enjoy focusing on fashionable life hacks: how to tie a coat belt beautifully; How to hide a bra strap in a T-shirt; How to wear a shirt creatively. My subscribers simply adore all these things!
DFM: Has the attitude of people towards clothes changed in your opinion?
SHADU: In fact, the values of Ukrainians and their attitude towards everything have changed fundamentally! What once seemed to be important turned out to be inessential. Now what we did not pay attention to became the main thing! I can't speak for other people. I can only speak for myself. My attitude to things has changed dramatically. I would dream for months about a Louis Vuitton bag. Now my dream is something completely different. Thoughts about bags or beautiful things fade into the background when the main plan is simply to survive. 
DFM: You now live in two countries. Ukraine and Moldova (Shadu has temporarily moved Moldova to improve her husband's rehabilitation after a stroke) Is it physically or morally difficult to live in two countries?
SHADU: To be honest, it is very difficult for me. I really want to go home to Kyiv. I am very enjoying myself in Moldova and I am really grateful to the people of Moldova for their help and kindness. But nothing is better than getting back to your home.
Sometimes it feels like I'm totally exhausted. It is a common misperception that if you are outside Ukraine during this russian invasion, it is easy for you to bear it. No, it's not easy. I'm on antidepressants, I can't sleep normally. Just like any Ukrainian. I read headlines 24/7 and I worry about every rocket, every explosion, every lost life....
However, I remember why I am in Moldova now - so that my husband can undergo high-quality rehabilitation after a stroke and live as a normal, healthy person. There is currently no such possibility in Ukraine. 
The only thing that helps me and cools me off is music. The landlord of the house we rent in Chisinau brought me his synthesizer so that I could write! Recently, my equipment was handed over to me from Kyiv - I bought it just a month before the war, it was my rosy dream. Now I sit at the keyboard every day and sing, compose music and poems. This is the only thing that helps me, the only thing that stops me from not going crazy.
DFM: How do you see the future? Have you thought about that?
SHADU: I don't know how to thank our saviours, ZSU (Armed Forces of Ukraine) for the fact I'm alive, and my relatives are alive too!
I am proud of Ukraine. I am proud to be Ukrainian. Today, the whole world knows that Ukrainians are not just a nation. They are brave warriors. Real Men. From now on, the word 'Freedom' will stand for 'Ukraine'. We are the strongest nation, and we will definitely win! I see Ukraine as a large European state with European values and solid European investments.

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