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East Africa's biggest run way fashion festival inviting for mega show in Zanzibar

Greetings from Runway Bay Fashion Week !

As the organizer of the largest international for the fashion, culture and tourism, we take immense pleasure in inviting your participation to the Fashion, Culture and Tourism . The event takes place from the 16th – 18th December 2022 at the Forodhani Garden, Prison Island, Nakupenda Sandbank, Six Degrees, and Blue Moon Hotel in Zanzibar.
Runway Bay Fashion Week, We are East Africa's largest and longest run way fashion festival, exhibiting the latest and best youngest fashion designers and promoting talents and culture from the Dhow countries, the African continent and beyond. 
Runway bay Fashion Week – is an annual festival initiated by Zanzibar International Fashion Festival that seeks to tell African stories by Africans to both the African and International Market. It will showcase our unique socio-economic, environmental and cultural diversities and heritages that will help create economic sustainability for the African youth and the host country at large.
The Festival consists of Africans & other Islands which makes it a perfect opportunity for networking, collaborations, and draws a Multi-generational global community to the scenic Island of Zanzibar to experience an eclectic Pan-African and International line-up of designers, DJ's, fashion film, dance and visual arts a vibrant entrepreneurs handcraft market, Zanzibar food as well as an interactive art and dialogue women space, create a truly diverse 7-days for entrepreneurs handcraft market experience.
FASHION ROYAL TOUR by Runway Bay is a unique concept that supports small entrepreneurs to get in touch with regional and international partners / retailers and ensures business. Participating designers showcase their products at a special dedicated area with design-booths during the exhibition.
RUNWAYBAY FASHION WEEK is set to convene 3 annual editions from 16 – 18 December, 2022.The festival will comprise of five (5) events, including fashion showcase, fashion carnival, sandbank fashion Party, fashion market exhibition (Christmas market), live music, workshops, forum, as well as the large-scale indoor and outdoor venues(Forodhani Garden Seafront, Six Degrees, Cape Town Fish Market, Marumaru Hotel and Nakupenda Island. It creates a platform for a variety of different audiences to engage in global fashion cultures, including fashion professionals, entrepreneurs, journalists, local audiences in Tanzania, government officials etc.
For its 3rd edition the festival will host an extensive programme of work across fashion, fashion carnival, music, workshops and fashion tours. It will also add and develop new elements, curating innovative pop-up events and providing training in intellectual property forum, fashion curation and fashion within Zanzibar, ensuring that the festival continues to act as a flagship arts organization for East Africa. 
Extra program
The opening festival will be high-profile designers, Djs and models from one of the world fashion countries, marking the launch of the festival as we set festival together for the 3 days to follow. 
The festival will take place in the Stone Town, Indoor and Outdoor venues will be glamorous red-carpet events with key designers, models, photographers, videographers, filmmakers, producers, directors, artists designers and industry professionals in attendance.  
The closing event will be a celebration of the festival and enable us to present various awards for designers, models shown within competition during the programme. Both events will be followed by live instruments in the venue.
MAKACHU (DIVE) COMPETITION is a truly Zanzibar cultural brand, rooted in Zanzibar but with links across the continent and beyond. For brands looking to create support based on a home-grown solution that speaks to identity and culture of not just East Africa, but the continent as a whole, Forodhani is the best place to start. 
MAKACHU OR DIVING is one of the highlights of the island nation's cultural activities where streets talents, designers, art advocates, music-lovers and tourists all will flock to the day event that celebrates and showcase diving styles, music, dancing and the spirit of the island itself. 
This program at Forodhani Garden will be one of the most successful programs of the festival. Many audiences will attend, creating a buzz about the event in the streets.   
This is a 7day market bringing in partners and Vendors such as the entrepreneurs, designers, broadcasters, corporates, distributors, companies and service companies.
Zanzibar's importance among the multicultural will also be celebrated through showcasing the Designers, musicians and artists from across the Zanzibar and beyond. This will also be commemorated through the annual fashion tour.
The tourism industry is one of the most important industries in the world today. Zanzibar economy relay on tourism industry, an understanding of fashion contributes to the
understanding of ourselves and our personal style based on our cultural background, beliefs and environment; our personal style is our identity.
The Zanzibar Fashion scene is an outlet or another face of a people that brings out the creative nature and passion of the people who are colourful, expressive, curious, rich and daring.
The program attracts a host of top designers, VIP guests and fashionistas. We celebrate this year with a runwaybay of top models gathering to host 'The Zanzibar International Fashion Festival'. A head-turning fashion show and beach style guide to kick at NAKUPENDA SANDBANK, SAFARI BLUE TOURS AND FORODHANI GARDEN TOUR. (fashion show, Dj music, Photoshoot).
This would include events such as:
Explore the tastes of East Africa at Tule Chakula (Swahili for “Let's eat food!”) where a three-course Zanzibari meal prepared by local chefs at Forodhani Garden. 
A rare cinematic opportunity for all fashion and film enthusiasts out there to celebrate and enjoy the innovative world of fashion and beauty from the African continent.    
This will include different training modules for entrepreneurs from inside and outside of Zanzibar in all aspects of the Market Industry, such as touring, materials, dancing, music workshop, filming workshop, Telemarketing, Telecommunication Services and Utilities support.
Workshops - We want to build knowledge and capacity for Zanzibar youth to create their own designs and styles through our cultures, and feel that Runwayby Fashion is the perfect platform for achieving this.  
The key theme of the festival is - 'Utamaduni wetu - Urithi wetu '  
The launch is for Writers, Journalists, Filmmakers, Students, Musicians, Artists, business partners, Professionals, high profile clients and more. The event will start with the formal launch of the book. Covering all the issues of Films and CULTURE, UNITY AND PEACE BUILDING IN ZANZIBAR. 
Thank you and we are looking forward to welcoming you in Zanzibar.

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