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Pamala Serena Rull winner of a new title crown as Reigning Ms World UAE 2022

 Pamala Serena Rull winner of a new title crown as Reigning Ms World UAE 2022

Representing as a UAE Delegate globally in Las Vegas
Pamala Serena Rull
Pamala Serena Rull, the newly crowned Ms UAE  World 2022 has been invited to represent UAE  in Las Vegas in 2022 for the World stage pageant. Having been a UAE resident for over a decade, she brings a wealth of experience about the city and culture alongside beauty and purpose.
Being born and raised in London, England, Pamala Serena originates from an Indian family background. Having studied a degree in Psychology, she continued her path working as an entrepreneur within the UK and later in Dubai. Her appetite for business coupled with her confidence and desire to support communities makes her an ideal representation of Dubai in the Global pageant.
Also the winner of Mrs Universe Dubai 2021 has spent the last year promoting local businesses, schools, clinics and other medical practices in order to help the community and its awareness. However her life has not always been one of ease, and as such she is firm believer of empowering women and supporting female led businesses both in Dubai and worldwide. Having suffered a personal incident which shattered her self confidence, she has relied on many support vehicles in Dubai to help rebuild and create her back to her former self. ‘With such an outstanding support infrastructure in a city like Dubai, I want to give more back and continue the growth for help.’
We are delighted to see Mrs UAE World 2022 adorning the most extravagant of Gowns for such an exquisite event. With design, make up and style being a symbol of perfection, Mrs UAE World 2022 is a masterpiece for what our City needs on a World stage. We are forever in debt for your perfection.
As our victorious winner says, ‘I am a British born Indian lady, with a heart filled with culture but emotion derived from UAE. Together we represent a culture of perfection, exactly what the land I represent….represents.’
Pamala Serena demonstrates that no matter how many challenges you face, inner strength and good support can always bring you back if you’re determined. We wish her luck representing UAE in Ms UAE World 2023 and congratulate her on her success to date.
Finding one’s personality in their own strengths and weakness as a person, gain confidence and raise their self-esteem, proving to people that it is not impossible to have beauty and brains, a beauty with a purpose.
The idea that a Beauty Queen is just for show and only judged by her exterior beauty is certainly not relevant in the search for Mrs.UAE World 2022 with full package which includes among other attributes, inner strength and maturity to take on the role and be able to interact with people on all levels of social standing.
Ms Pamala Serena Rull bagged the coveted crown during the Mrs UAE World 2022 & Mrs. Dubai Universe 2021 in February this year 2022.
Honored with 2 main beauty titles in one year is an achievement in itself representing the UAE
A former Miss India UK winner herself she continuously advises on such pageants to help others enjoy the opportunities she was fortunate enough to experience.
From her pageant experience, she wholeheartedly wants to make a voice and make a difference. The event she experienced is an opportunity that is once in a lifetime. Going to Las Vegas USA in December to represent UAE globally
She added that she's not only representing herself but also representing the nation, the invisibles in her country, the victims of conflict arms, the single mothers, and the elderly. She always believed that age is not a barrier to reach our dreams or to have an impact on others.
Born British Indian, as individual, she believed that we have multiple sources of inspiration that might influence us to adopt traditions and ideas from other cultures. Living in Dubai for 10 years vast a spectrum of nationalities that you come across. You get to meet up with lots of people with different backgrounds, lifestyles and life interests.
Dubai is one of the world's most beautiful and vibrant cities, particularly among Arab nations. With its massive towers, numerous amenities, and the guaranteed promise of a better life, it is one of the most popular cities in the UAE.
She has a Bachelors Honors degree in Psychology from University London
From a young age she was always blessed to live a very comfortable life. Being the youngest daughter in her family She was always sheltered by her siblings and parents, but also empowered to be a strong woman. She had a very fortunate childhood and became a confident woman as she matured.
She learned that the main purpose is to teach the young generation to respect their culture and centuries old traditions, their own work and the work of others attention on “understanding everyone’s beliefs and backgrounds and finding that common ground so we can all communicate in an open, honest and respectful manner.
Being a 3rd generation British Indian she has been fortunate enough to learn both the British and Punjabi Indian cultures and history from her elders. This coupled with her decade in the UAE has allowed her to understand and learn a variety of cultures. I speak fluent English, Punjabi, Hindi and Urdu.
Her hobbies include travelling, reading, cooking and yoga. She has been a keen follower of Film Productions and cinema. Having worked in London School of Film Production she have a passion for cinematography and music. She have also starred in several musical videos and TV series and worked with many globally known artists.
Being grateful for succeeding and for winning the amazing title and in the forth coming future, Pamala wished to create a place where any Woman can seek help from anxiety, depression or fear. An environment where they feel comfortable to speak openly and receive the help or counselling they may need. A holistic clinic and rejuvenation Centre offering different kinds of therapy and help.
She added "With my background and experience in psychology I hope to help Women in any way I can. Together we can work to make us better. I want to address problems that no one wants but everyone deserves the help/"
Her future goals is to combine her psychology degree with holistic healing and one day open a healing center to help women with anxiety, stress and depression and address mental health, A place where women feel safe and ok to come too  To address their issues and problems.
She learned from her achievements as well as handling disappointments. It was a beautiful experience & a journey of a new beginning she will never forget.
Ending her words, she says: "I would like to thank the organizers for an amazing event, it was a pleasure to have been a part of this experience. I would also like to congratulate my fellow contestants, it was a pleasure to have met such beautiful and intelligent ladies and I wish them all a successful future."
Since winning the title as reigning Mrs Universe Dubai & now wining her new title Mrs UAE World 2022. Accomplishing 2 major titles in one year is a huge achievement
Pamala has won the Global WOMANS awards as ‘The Successful Public Figure Award” 2022
The strong Woman’s award 2022
  • BeingShe Awards for Best Woman Of Influence 2022
  • Ambassador For Peace for UN
  • First Ladies Forum Ambassador
  • Economic Development Summit Dubai 2022
And spoke on the panel for Emirati Business Council Forum
Joined 4 childrens charity funds
  • Liter of Light
  • Earth Angels NGO
  • Al Noor foundation and
  • SNF special needs foundation
Promoting Women Empowerment she has now joined the board of the First Ladies Forum Economic Development Summit Dubai 2022  And  Recently honored The Ambassador of Peace by the official UN (United Nations) ambassador of Peace and  has joined with Mrs Universe WOMANS empowerment forum under the high patronage of Emirates business woman council

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