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Welcome back, you guys. Dust off your umbrellas and raincoats from your cupboards and keep them ready. It’s officially the monsoon season in the country. The heavy yet soothing rains, the chilly climate, couples under the same umbrella, and the breathtaking foggy view of the city are a few of the many characteristics of this season. This new season demands new and exclusive clothes, accessories, and footwear. Time and fashion trends wait for none. Finding it difficult to keep up with the ever-growing and changing the latest Indian fashion trends? We are here to help you with 6 essentials you need to eye on for this October. 

Sweaters: The cozy and go-to outfit for every winter day is a sweater. Usually knitted from wool, it can also be made from other fabrics like cotton or synthetic materials. Sweaters are usually worn over t-shirts, shirts, or other tops as extra layering to keep one warm. Times have evolved and sweaters have become fashionable in addition to serving their general purpose. Nowadays, there are many kinds of sweaters with different sleeve lengths, necklines, and openings. The sweater itself has become an outfit option. A pair of jeans and boots or a tennis skirt, stockings, and boots paired with a sweater will give you the chic winter look. Cable knit, cardigan, cotton knit, V-neck, Turtle neck, and printed are a few of the variety of sweaters at your disposal in the market. 
Scarves:  A scarf is a piece of clothing that is longer than it is wide. Traditionally it is used to keep oneself warm but nowadays they have progressed into a fashion accessory. It is wrapped around the neck or shoulders or sometimes over the head. In warmer climates, it is used to protect the wearer from the sun. In colder climates, it is used to keep the wearer warm and cozy. It is very versatile and when used properly, it can transform your look. Scarves are of different types: wool, cotton, silk, velvet, chiffon, net, linen, satin, acrylic, viscose, pashmina, etc. They are usually printed and come in three common shapes: square, triangular and rectangular.  Pick contrasting color scarves to make them stand out and do all the talking. These days, scarves are also used as a hair accessory. You can use it as a hair tie or a bandana or in between your braids. Imagine your scarf playing the role of Deepika Padukone's pink dupatta in Om Shanti Om. Go get a scarf now! 
Activewear co-ord sets: Athleisure is the new buzzword. You have worked out so hard to get your ideal body. Why not buy the right clothes to flaunt those hard-earned curves? Gone are the days when you have to show up to the gym in your old T-shirt and distorted shorts. Activewear co-ord sets are here for the rescue. These are highly stretchable and breathable making it THE outfit of comfort and ease. They come in a range of vibrant colors and patterns. If looking good everywhere is your hobby, do so in the gym, while walking, running, or jogging with these activewear co-ord sets. You can also pair them with a jacket to make them instantly wearable to run causal errands. 
Gold hoops: Hoops are the simplest yet most elegant piece of jewelry. Imagine increasing the elegance quotient by quoting the hoops with gold. The distinguishing feature of gold hoops is that you can sport them with any outfit be it ethnic or modern. They come in different shapes and sizes owing to the diversity of women who wear them. Be it a T-shirt and sweatpants for a casual walk or a pair of trousers and shirt for work or floral summer dress for a brunch date or an exquisite kurta set for festive occasions, gold hoops are the best. You have elevated the vibe without much effort. Therefore we call it the ring of graceful charm. Gold hoops are to a jewelry box what Virat Kholi is to the Indian team. 
Fanny pack: The new age, ultra-modern, swag piece of accessory is the fanny pack.  It is a small pouch kind of a bag worn either around the waist or across the shoulder. It has various other names like bum bag, banana bag, kit bag, gee bag, marsupium bag, kidney bag, etc. Its size, hands-free nature, and convenient wearability make it desirable to people of all age groups. To carry stuff or to amp up your fashion game, fanny packs have your back. A pair of wide-leg jeans, an oversized T-shirt, and a fanny pack is the ultimate comfort combo. These bags do not have a gender barrier. An NDP group report shows that these bags are the fastest growing in the men's accessory markets. Eye on this wardrobe essential accessory this October. 
We deem it an honor to be your fashion godmother. Thanks for the privilege. See you later! 

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Chandana is a freelance writer/part time blogger and an avid online shopper. She writes what she shops and finds intriguing whilst them. Apart from that, she loves talking about women centric films and body image issues.

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