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Vz Perfection by Vaishali marked her presence in London Fashion Week with collection 'Iridescence'

 Vz Perfection by Vaishali marked her presence in London Fashion Week for the 4th time with the launch of her latest collection "Iridescence".

Iridescence an optical phenomenon where the surface appears to gradually change colours as the angle of view changes, also highlights the intense dichotomy where we see bold colours reflecting our desire to embrace life with full vigour combining with an array of neutral and natural tones that satisfies our need for harmony and tranquillity. Vaishali’s latest collection "Iridescence" brings this to life celebrating different tones of Purple and Hot Pink.
Her show opened with a stunning Hot Pink Silk Jacket complimented by a Digital Printed Velvet Collar, back panel and Cuffs featuring the feather from her brand logo which set the tone for the remainder of her collection. 
What followed was a beautifully designed and curated collection featuring everyday wear, overlays, ballgowns and more stunning jackets. Each outfit marked with a profusion of Digital Printing, Embroidery, Handmade Lace, Ombre Dying and Playful smocking. 
The subtle ways in which the collection highlighted the different tones stood out through the Hot Pink lining reflecting through the slits of a dress or a peek through the Double-Breasted Jacket or through a reversible Silk Satin Dress. 
As as feather floats through the air creating an iridescence effect, Vaishali’s collection captured the flow and shine of the garments through a clever selection different Silk Fabrics for her entire collection. 
No collection of Vaishali is complete without a Dramatic piece.  For this collection we were treated with not one but two such pieces! First up was a Short Hot Pink Silk Dress with Dragonfly Sleeves an outfit that will make a statement and make heads turn. 
The second dramatic piece was a Jacket with multiple Ombre’ d panels from Satin Silk to Raw Silk to Textured Silk creating a different colour effect from the angel of view instilling the meaning of Iridescence both literally and metaphorically. 
With the line between our virtual and terrestrial world continuing to blur and Purple returning as the key colour of 2023 converging the two worlds representing wellbeing and Digital escapism Vaishali’s SS23 collection celebrates the vibrancy of life. As a prism reflects a rainbow of colours, Vaishali’s collection reflects a range of styles, fabrics, techniques and emotions making the collection truly Iridescent. 
Vz Perfection by Vaishali
Email: info@vzperfection.co.uk
Photography: Shahid Malik

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