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About Us

D Fashion Magazine is a one-stop online editorial platform for fashion admirers around the world. We keep our fashionista squadron updated with all current and trending news, videos, events, and many more. Our Virtual Fashion and Lifestyle Magazine offers exclusive and exquisite global facts that are prevailing worldwide. DFM’s primary forecast is to sway people to try recent fashion trends with a traditional touch! 

DFM is the first online media platform to power events in the digital space. Our website showcases 500+ leading models, Modelling Agencies, talented Fashion designers, 200+ photographers, and makeup artists. We have partnered for 150+ events across the world. Conjointly, we will deliver you various agreeable beauty tips, trends, art, and cultural news on a silver platter. Therefore, as a fashion freak, you will be getting access to a wide range of global services just in a click from your house. D Fashion Magazine is globally recognized for its exceptional synchronization of fashion and lifestyle with culture. 

As a preeminent fashion magazine, DFM has collaborated with top international event planners such as :

  • Fashion Vibes (Sao Paolo, Brazil)
  • Mad Mood Milano Fashion Week (Milan, Italy)
  • Moda Vision (Madrid, Spain)
  • Finch Models (Saint Petersburg, Russia)
  • Miami Swim Week Shows (Miami, USA), and
  • Cancun Fashion Week (Cancun, Mexico)
  • Miss Earth Slovenia (Ljubljana, Slovenia)
  • Be Unique Fashion Events, Bazar by Nahid Khan (Dubai, UAE)

We have also worked with major fashion brands globally. These fashion brands are known for their glamorous and confident display on individuality empowerment. Our mission is to be the global platform for luxury fashion creators, curators, and consumers. As a result of this high-level commitment, DFM connects people with their desirable quality products and services in easiest way possible. 

For the latest and top-of-the-notch news, all you need to do is to register with us. We will provide you with customized fashion and lifestyle news based on your interest. Plus, our video highlights will upgrade you with current fashion events and launches from places around the map. So, trust us when we say you don’t want to miss our latest news feeds!

Our highly competitive and innovative team is working hard to deliver all the latest news and trends to our audience and engage our brands more. Our fashion editorials are one of a kind, and you can avail them just by registering on our website. Explore the cultural world of fashion with D Fashion Magazine! You will find something unique about us! Of course, you can collaborate with us, and we will be happy to advertise your brand. In case of any technical glitches, feel free to contact us!